Friday, August 14, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Now, how can it be more perfect that a blog about movies has been created in response to a movie about blogs? It's a nice mirror effect, if I do say so myself. Of course, this movie is Julie & Julia, which I'm sure has increased's business tenfold.

I have a few reasons for starting this venture. First off, I'm unemployed. I don't think it's necessary to really go into detail about why I'm unemployed as a recent college graduate, as I'm sure you're aware how rough it is out there. My second reason is pure boredom. I've been home from London for almost a month now, and all I've really done is apply for jobs and get myself onto the exercise bike to hopefully some day get rid of my overgrown belly (and yes, I realize watching 500 films goes against that a bit - but I'll get to that in a second). Thirdly, I think it'll be a great exercise to work on my writing skills. I've always considered myself a completely mediocre writer, and it'd be great if that improved.

And lastly, I am doing this because I love a good movie. Film is the one art that can move you with every sense. It would be impossible for me to deny that. The cinematography of Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain; Bernard Herrmann's terrifying ability to make a heart race through music; Tom Ripley's skin-crawling approach towards Marge Sherwood; the mouthwatering dishes of Ratatouille... film is the supreme form of art.*

And now... the list. There are so many "Best Films Ever" lists out there, and I think I chose the right one. Some of the lists made by amateurs list only recent American films. Others like Time's famous list have so many foreign films from the 1930's and 40's which I'd have absolutely no interest to get through. So I settled on Empire. This seems to me to be a perfectly made list - a great combination of all genres, all eras, and all nationalities. I can't say I agree with the list completely, at least from my slightly judgmental standpoint (Saw?? Really? At least it's #499...), but I am going to do my best, man up, and get this done.

Similar to Julie Powell circa 2002, I need something to stabilize my life at the moment. So, while watching a movie a day for the next year and a half might seem like a waste, it's also going to push me to get myself into a routine (which MUST include exercise, because honestly... how pathetic would I be if I let myself waste away like this?)

So, let's see if this actually happens. It might just end up being some idiotic scheme I came up with. Whatever the case may be, I'm now going to sign up for my Netflix account, and the countdown will begin on the day #500 arrives in my (dad's) mailbox. First stop, Ocean's 11.

Let's reel 'em in. (Harr harr harr!)

*For all of you sticklers out there, fine. I listed four of the five senses... but smell is a toughie. Get over it! Four for five ain't half bad.

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